Forest Management

Forest Management With a staff of four graduate foresters, we have the education and experience to help you realize the maximum potential of your timberland or recreational property. While specializing in establishing and growing pine plantation timber, Louisiana’s #1 Agricultural Crop, we also encourage hardwood retention and management which benefits wildlife habitat and water quality protection. We incorporate the goals and requests of each forestland owner with standard industry practices to accomplish satisfactory results for the present and future landowner.

Management Plans

Landowners view their property in many different ways. Some see it as a family legacy. Others enjoy the recreation aspect that woodlands offer or maybe wildlife habitat is of extreme importance. Many simply look at it as an asset to be used when needed. Whatever your thoughts are, our foresters will work to help you identify and reach the goals you wish to accomplish with your timberland. A combination of long and short term goals give guidance as we develop and execute your plan. As a result, you gain confidence and have peace of mind in knowing where you are and what to expect in the years ahead.

Timber Sales

The two most important goals of a timber harvest are maximized revenue and timber stand improvement. With a few exceptions and to achieve both, a timber harvest should be a carefully planned event avoiding quick sales if possible. Because we are actively involved in the daily market place, we are well qualified to advise of when and how to best market your timber products.


As part of our commitment to leave future generations with an abundant, healthy forest, we always encourage reforestation of clearcuts or final-harvested tracts in order to reestablish a productive, new forest stand. We provide the planning, implementation, and supervision needed to reestablish a quality new forest.


Appraisals are needed for a variety of reasons. Estate planning, mortgage requirements, inventory, and purchase or sale evaluations are a few examples. Our foresters are familiar with working with lawyers and accountants while producing a clear, professional and well- presented timber appraisal.

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